This Startup Is Lowering Companies is helping the core

This Startup Is Lowering Companies is helping the core

Health care costs are rapidly increasing. For companies that provide health insurance for their employees, higher premiums are paid each year.

An explosive growth startup in Chicago is addressing this issue. The company uses artificial intelligence and chat bot technology to help employees navigate health insurance and get cheaper services. As a result, both employees and employers save money.

HealthJoy CEO and co-founder Justin Holland has a deep understanding of how chat bots can change health care and save company money in the process. By talking to the Netherlands, I have a better understanding of the health benefits and ways to reduce costs that CEOs need to know.

What is the biggest problem with employer-sponsored health insurance?

Why is cost rising faster than inflation?One of the biggest problems for companies is that health insurance is like giving a credit card to a cheap restaurant. They will order food, no matter what the waiter brings to them. Order steak and lobster, wine and dessert bottles.

The employee has nothing to do with the actual cost of the medical service ordered. Some studies have shown that most employees do not understand the basic insurance conditions necessary to properly operate insurance. That is not their fault.

This system is unnecessarily complicated. The company finally realized that if you want to start reducing medical expenses, you need to start reducing costs. The only way they want to get started is to educate their employees and help them navigate the medical system. They need to provide supporters and other services that can always help.

So far, I have only used one phone promotion service, but it has not been used. I actually forgot to use it all year, but I remember they only use it when I change my insurance plan and view the file again. What is the difference between HealthJoy? Is it the turn to chat with the robot?

Although the phone-based promotional service is excellent, we have identified the biggest problem. No one is using it. Many companies bundle employee benefit packages because they are sold at low prices, but the return on investment and usage are zero. Chatbot Joy is a welfare center for a variety of employees, including advocacy.

JOY’s main job is to lead people to enjoy better, cheaper care. She was fully supported by the Chicago Concierge. Call your doctor’s office to make an appointment and confirm that you are participating in the network. Our applications are very easy to use and have been refined over the past three years to ensure maximum participation and use of our members.

I played with your app. Not just promotional services. You can also talk to your doctor in the app.Yes, the JOY and Concierge team’s advocacy is just the glue that links the cost reduction strategy. It also integrates telemedicine functionality into the app so employees can talk to their doctors 24/7.

This is another way to save company money.

We have avoided situations where someone needs to see a doctor for an emergency in the middle of the night and eventually receive treatment in the emergency room. Avoiding thousands of dollars can be saved by going to the emergency room once.

Telemedicine has been around for a few years, but as advocacy, providing telemedicine to employees has always been a big issue. Because we are the first destination to meet the health care needs of our employees, we can redirect them to telemedicine as needed.

As members try to do other things, they actually win more than 50% of telemedicine consultations. For example, they may try to verify that the dermatologist is within their insurance plan.

Take a photo of the question and ask if you want to consult a doctor immediately. This is one of the reasons why employers are currently seeing usage rates 18 times the industry standard. Online redirection of all these consultations is a huge savings for the business.

What other services do you offer within the app?

It actually provides a lot of services and is still growing. Employers can also integrate existing services. It is best to provide health care through dialogue. Therefore, a chat robot equipped with AI is very suitable for providing various services. The great thing is that everything is available in an application that doesn’t look as complex as Facebo.

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