Entrepreneurs Must Realize That Virtual is been the new reality of the new world

Entrepreneurs Must Realize That Virtual is been the new reality of the new world

Finding the right clothes for men should be less difficult, right? No, I hate the habit of buying clothes. If possible, my patience will not exceed 3 stores in the same shopping mall. This process is more like finding a needle in a haystack instead of picking a cherry. There should be a better way.

My work at 3D Printing has brought me a new era of innovation that will change the world. If I can use a phrase to describe the future, then this is a vague technical framework that has been accepted as a “dirty line,” the truth of the gospel. Yes. Let me explain.

Atomic world

Even if I say this, the foundations of the old days are based on two different important pillars. One is the atomic world. Physical, concrete or real substances that can be touched and manipulated. Thanks to the industrial revolution, assembly lines, mass production and homogeneous production have become the hallmarks of Atomic World.

Bit world

Another pillar is the world. Digital, binary software. The Internet has penetrated into all areas of our daily lives and is a true embodiment of “democratic information”. The decisive feature of the world is its adaptability. Software can be customized to meet your needs with virtually no additional cost. A good example: FB feeds, like all other feeds, are precise extensions of beliefs, interests, and social choices.

Conflict between two worlds

In recent years, the opportunity of the “bit world” has far surpassed the opportunity of the “atomic world”, which has created an impermeable island between neglected hardware and software companies. All other college students want to create the next Facebook or Flipkart, but have barely heard of creating another Apple.

What is certain is that unless the island is broken, India will strive to catch up with other countries in terms of innovation and progress. The atomic world is in conflict with the world. At the heart of this conflict is the opportunity to rethink the world and its lives. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and robotics are no longer a symbol of the imagination of science fiction writers. These tools are real and are currently available.

Virtuality is a new reality

Diluting the future of the next few years makes me happy because I like shopping. I wear a VR helmet and stroll through a personalized shopping mall that displays carefully selected clothes, accessories and gadgets that are predicted by the AI ​​system and I will like it.

You can request a trial of anything you like and see yourself or your avatar immediately with a new look.This avatar is a precise 3D copy I created with a portable 3D scanner, which also measured the subtle differences between my left and right feet.

I like what I see, but I prefer soft colors. no problem! Instantly present new colors with realistic quality. In the end, I will buy more than I want, but who will complain that everything is custom made and delivered within 3 days?

Now, I almost naturally handle the seamless jump between the world and the atomic world. Before these inventions, it seemed impossible to imagine life. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand the new world is boundless.

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