Enterprise Chatbots and the Conversational reservation in it

Enterprise Chatbots and the Conversational reservation in it

For a long time, corporate chat bots have been forgotten because people are very concerned about consumer-based chat bots. Organizations now realize that chat bots can be incorporated into business plans deeper than simple customer service tools.

Enterprise chat bots have caught the attention of people and have proven to be effective in increasing business productivity, reducing costs and supporting existing teams. These new internal and B2B chat bots act as personal assistants, feedback tools, project managers, and the ability to communicate with third parties. Conversational commerce is a new revolution in corporate workplaces.

To help you understand how to use these chat bots, here are six examples of chat bots that have revolutionized the way business is done.

What is a corporate chat bot?

The chat bot is a robot equipped with artificial intelligence with natural language processing ability to communicate with humans. Chat bots are known for outstanding customer service, marketing and sales tools. Thanks to technological advances that drive their development, they are also expected to bring huge disruption to the B2B market.

These enterprise chat bots can handle a variety of virtual assistant tasks, such as acting as data entry, planning and internal project management tools, and simple interaction with consumers. Not only did they create a slightly automated internal process, but they also streamline the payment process between the company and its suppliers and suppliers.


Chattypeople is a platform for building chat bots that let you create robots without coding or programming knowledge. Simply link your social media page to your Chattypeople account and you’ll be able to create a chat bot in minutes.

Chattypeople is revolutionizing the business by supporting multiple CMS platforms and business categories. Currently supports Opencart, Magento and Woocommerce. Food operators can also increase sales by personalizing the customer experience. In addition to the above, the platform is also used as an activity management tool and delivery engine.

Direct integration with social media accountsYou can receive payments from social media feedsUse the main payment system, such as PaypalIdentify keyword variationsFive years ago, every company needed an application. You need to use messaging.”


Meekan chat bots streamline internal processes through Slack and are changing the way organizations conduct business. Before setting up a meeting, Meekan doesn’t have to look at multiple emails and check a large number of calendars. Instead, look at each person’s calendar to find the shared free time.

Meekan chat bots can also:Change the schedule of the current meeting
Check the team calendar without changing the appCheck your flightOrganize multiple calendars in different time zones.


As the name implies, Poly the Poll is a chat bot that can check the health of the team by voting. You can create a one-time or regular vote to check your team and receive feedback. You can then analyze this data, track trends, and get valuable insights about what works and what doesn’t work in your internal processes.

The platform works through Slack and allows team members to submit simple and advanced surveys that require emoji. This includes anonymity. Anonymity is a feature that prevents members from posting comments and votes on multiple topics. Polly Poll is a great way to get to know your team members, whether they like work and whether they feel a new plan is working.

Kudi helps the finance team by streamlining the payment process. Chat bots allow users to make payments directly from the messaging app. Kudi can now use 7x 24/7 via Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and your favorite Internet browser.

The days of forgetting important payments or forgetting the details of a payment are gone. With Kudi, you can:Just send a text message to pay directlyKudi is secure and guarantees end-to-end security of personal information and payment details. She is the ideal virtual accountant for any business.

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